Fishing Trips

Game Fishing Trips

Game Fishing TripsA full day game fishing out of Forster – Tuncurry chasing blue, black and striped marlin and dolphin fish.

This could range from fishing inshore or out to the continental shelf using a wide range of techniques including live baiting, skip baiting, teaser fishing (bait & switch), or the more traditional trolling lures.

Another fun style of game fishing is drift cubing chasing yellow fin tuna in the winter months or chasing large sharks.


Deep Water Fishing Trips

Deep Water FishingA full day out on the continental shelf, chasing prized eating fish. This includes deep water jigging for yellowtail kingfish commonly known as (kingy jigging).

Also included during a day of the deep water fishing is, deep dropping for the amazing tasting bar cod, as well as catching kingies and bar cod there is a lot of associated bye catch including snapper, pearl perch, nannygai, sharks and gem fish.


Sport Fishing Charters

Sport FishingYou can either try a half or a full day inshore sport fishing charter. This will include hunting around on inshore reefs targeting – black marlin, cobia, mackerel, mackerel tuna, northern Bluefin tuna, small sharks and dolphin fish.

Techniques for this fishing would include, live baiting (anchored), live bait trolling, teaser fishing, skip baiting, trolling lures and inshore jigging.


Soft Plastic Fishing Trips

Soft Plastic FishingSpend an early morning or late afternoon on inshore reefs in the Forster Tuncurry area, throwing soft plastics around catching prized snapper, kingfish, Sampson fish, dolphin fish and any other reef species aboard the Forster Sport and Game Fishing Charters.


Bottom Reef Fishing Trips

Reef FishingSpend a half day fishing inshore reefs with the more conventional paternoster rigs chasing reef fish like snapper, morwong, nannygai, pearl perch, red spot whiting, leather jacket, flathead, dolphin fish, teraglin (trag) and Jew fish.

All our inshore bottom fishing outfits include quality Shimano and Daiwa reels, spooled with top quality braid to allow you to feel the bites better